BAPETEN’s Efforts in Increasing Public Service


In advancing the quality of public service, especially in the utilization of ionizing radiation source permit at Radiation Facility dan Radioactive Material, Directorate of Radiation Facility Permit and Radioactive Material of BAPETEN conducted Coordination Meeting at Pekanbaru, Thursday (30/3/2017). The coordination meeting was also combined with Workshop on B@LIS 2.0.

Indonesia-Russia Strengthen Relations in the Nuclear Supervision


As one the countries that ratified Nuclear Safety Convention, Indonesia is obliged to report national report of nuclear safety. Reporting the national report is considered as one of Indonesia’s commitments to nuclear safety.

BAPETEN at Interactive Dialogue Program of RRI Malang


The Executive Secretary of BAPETEN, Hendriyanto Hadi Tjahyono, together with the head of Legal and Organizational Affairs Bureau, Taruniyati Handayani, visited RRI Malang as one of the socialization agenda entitled “Supervision of Nuclear Technology Utilization in Indonesia,” on Thursday (8/3/2017). In the RRI interactive dialogue, both of them elaborated the role and function of BAPETEN, and about utilization issue of nuclear technology in Indonesia.

BAPETEN Conducted Public Consultations Related to the Nuclear Mineral and Radioactive Mineral Permit


Another round of public consultation was held by BAPETEN at Palangkaraya, cooperating with Central Kalimantan Province Government, Thursday (9/2/2017), related to the composition of government regulations on Nuclear Mineral and Management of Radioactive mineral.

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