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BAPETEN Gives Serious Attention to Prevention of Unnecessary/Unintended Exposure to Radiological Patients
Kembali 11 Juli 2019 | Berita BAPETEN

The issue of exposure that is unnecessary/unintended exposure is one of BAPETEN's concerns in implementating optimization of radiation protection to medical exposure. In order to increase the supervision role in radiation safety assurance for patients, BAPETEN through the Center of Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Sources Regulatory Assessment (P2STPFRZR) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) regarding unnecessary/unintended exposure control and prevention in Solo, Central Java on 11th July 2019 by inviting several hospital representatives in Solo and surrounding areas. Also present as a speaker was representative from RSUP dr. Kariadi Semarang. This event is a continuation event, previously held in Yogyakarta in March with representation from RSUP Dr Sarjito, at Jakarta in April with speaker from RSUPN Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo and Dharmais Cancer Hospital, at Bandung in April with speaker from RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin

The FGD was conducted to gather the information and data from several hospital experiences related to efforts in controlling and preventing unnecessary exposure in its facilities, both nuclear medicine facility, radiotherapy, even though radio diagnostic and interventional facilities. The collected information and data will be processed and formulated into a guidebook with the title of the Unintended Exposure Control and Prevention Technical Manual for patients, which is expected to be effective and able to apply to the Hospital in preventing and minimizing the situation of unnecessary/unintended exposure to patients.


In this FGD, the event was opened by the Head of P2STPFRZR, Djoko Hari Nugroho. Followed by a presentation on the overview of activity by the Head of Health Assessment Division, Rusmanto, presentation about the Concept of Draft Technical Guidelines by Technical Coordinator, Mrs. Endang Kunarsih and presentation about the experience of controlling unnecessary/unintended exposure at RSUP Dr. Kariadi by the speakers.

In general, participants gave a positive response to this activity because of the need for guidelines that could be a reference for management and executors in implementing prevention of radiation exposure which no needed for patients. (P2STPFRZR / EK)

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