BAPETEN Work Visit to The One Stop Integrated Service and Investment Agency (DPMPTSP)
Kembali 04 September 2020 | Berita BAPETEN

BAPETEN doing a working visit again in order to improve its performance in monitoring the utilization of nuclear energy. This time the working visit was carried out at the One Stop Integrated Service and Investment Agency (DPMPTSP), Semarang, Central Java on Friday (04/09).

During this visit, Deputy Chairman for Licensing and Inspection Zainal Arifin along with the Health Facility Licensing team of BAPETEN were received directly by Ratna Kawuri as the Head of the DPMPTSP Central Java Province.


The event began with delivery the aims and objectives of BAPETEN conducting this working visit by Zainal Arifin. Zainal said that the use of nuclear power in Central Java is quite a lot, there are industries and also in the health sector, such as licensing for diagnostic radiology, x-rays, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine.

"In Central Java, there are several hospitals/clinics/doctor's practices/health centers that utilize the nuclear power. Besides, there are those who have expired permits, and some don't have permits. Therefore, we want to coordinate and find solutions with DPMPTSP regarding permits for the use of nuclear energy, considering that all licensing is currently integrated, one door," explained Zainal.

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The same thing was also expressed by Ishak as Director of Licensing for Radiation Facilities and Radioactive Sources of BAPETEN, who said that he wanted to coordinate with DPMPTSP on utilization of nuclear energy activities, especially in the Central Java region, so it can be more effective.

"To be able to bring services closer to the regions, we want to be given the opportunity, is it possible if we place our officers at DPMPTSP so that nuclear power users can come and have consultations with us," continued Ishak.


Ratna Kawuri welcomed the possibility of collaboration in licensing services between BAPETEN and DPMPTSP by placing BAPETEN staff at dpmptsp, so that BAPETEN could carry out licensing services and Ratna really appreciated the collaboration. [BHKK/IP]





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